We Have Marketing Opportunities for Certified Financial Planners

Hear my story first –

My name is Rob, and I’m the owner and founder of Feedbackwrench, a web design, marketing and SEO company based out of the Minneapolis St. Paul area.

We’ve been doing websites and marketing for accountants, contractors and home services companies for since 2012, and we absolutely love what we do.

So – what does that have to do with marketing and websites for Certified Financial Planners? Well, I got my Series 7 and Series 66, and life and health insurance licenses back in 2011, and I was a financial representative with Thrivent Financial and Mass Mutual for just a couple of years.

I was a “financial advisor” for only about 20 months, but I came to find out that the CFP’s I met, were some of the most trustworthy and best financial advisors out there.

I built a million dollar accounting business

I quit working as a financial advisor or investment advisor because I saw an opportunity to build a tax and accounting firm.

I built a little accounting firm called Nuance Financial Tax and Accounting, and built that to a $1 Million dollar “outsourced accounting firm”. That firm was fantastic, but my partners and I had to stop working together because they pulled some shenanigans.

Accounting firm to a B2B Marketing Firm

I decided to stop doing my accounting business and grow my B2B marketing and website company, and I’ve been doing that since 2014.

CFP Marketing & Advertising Opportunities

We are becoming a content machine, and I’ve also built a Youtube Channel with that speaks to business owners and accountants, and there’s a synergy with Certified Financial Planners – because we need help with financial content.

We Build Websites & Organic SEO For Certified Financial Planners

Here at Feedbackwrench, we can build websites, marketing and organic search engine optimization to help certified financial planners get in front of their local communities and business niche is really easily. One of the reasons why we are able to do this better than just about any other marketing company, is that we understand the tensions at play within the regulatory environment and we have experience and credibility in the financial services space.

Our Core Customers:

  • Accounting Firms, Bookkeepers & Tax Professionals
  • Builders, Remodelers & Contractors
  • Home Services Companies

Marketing Agencies for CFP’s and Independent Financial Advisors

When it comes to marketing, we know what works, and it’s so much more than just a website and advertising. It starts with your vision culture, your customer, and then moves into developing strong value propositions.

3 Steps of Marketing for CFP’s and Independent Financial Advisors

we found that there are three steps to really good marketing for any business, but in particular, this marketing approach for certified Financial advisors is incredibly helpful because it positions you to really dominate your niche or your local area, and it’s an area that most financial advisors totally lack in because of the regulatory environment.

if you invest in the right content, and you establish the right digital platforms, you can absolutely develop a fantastic funnel of online leads using a website, advertising, search engine optimization and other things.

Step 1 – Establish a High Converting CFP Website & Online Footprint

It starts with building a really good mouse trap, ensuring that you have a website that actually causes people to take a step with you.

it makes no sense to invest into CFT marketing if your website is simply a non-converting online business card that does not connect with its users and does not position you to show credibility.

The first thing we have to do is establish a high converting website for your certified financial planning practice, which means developing great branding, good user interface, establishing customer focus messaging, and then building credibility and trust. We know how to build websites that truly convert, and we also understand how to set up the entire online presence for certified financial planners because we’ve done this thousands of times.

You don’t want a website that’s not built to convert

Step 2 – Take Marketing Share with Advertising & Content

The second phase of our certified financial planner marketing and website is to command market share with paid ads and content. We understand that there’s a narrow approved strategy available for certified financial planners, but there’s certainly stuff that you can do that works – you just need to actually do it.

We know what works, we know how to really get you in front of folks, and we know how to abide by your broker dealer’s rules – even if they’re really difficult.

What’s the best marketing and advertising for Certified Financial Planning firms?

Well, it’s a combination of Google, Facebook, Youtube and others – and it’s all tied to your broker dealers compliance environment.

We tailor our advertising to what can fit into your broker’s compliance tolerance, and then we also try to find the best strategy over the long haul.

Facebook, Google, Linkedin and Youtube all provide some really compelling opportunities to advertise, you just need to navigate the bureaucracy.

Step 3 – Content Marketing to Rank Organically – SEO for CFP

The third step is all about creating content that can be found, and this is really where Feedbackwrench shines. We understand how to create website content, youtube content and other content that can get in front of people when they’re searching.

What’s the Best SEO For CFP Certified Financial Planners?

SEO or search engine optimization for certified financial planners is all about creating content that is highly tuned and targeted to an audience that’s niche enough for you to out rank the large financial companies, and still be viable because there’s an actual volume of leads that are within that niche.

SEO for Certified Public Accountants should be focused on content creation on their website, Google My Business and their youtube channels.

Broker dealers are slowly learning how to approve more and more content based things – because it’s really all about teaching the fundamentals of wise financial living, tailored to the niches.

If you create content where you teach, and then you target particular niches, that content will EVENTUALLY get found by your core user.

That’s our three steps for sound advertising and marketing for Certified Financial Planners – we build high converting websites, we implement advertising that converts, and then we help you build and write content that will rank in search engines like Google, Bing and Youtube.

If you like the idea of starting this conversation, then connect with us here at Feedbackwrench and we’d be delighted in helping you build a website, advertising and SEO that helps you build a super-succesful practice, no matter the CFP business model you’ve done.

Podcast & Youtube Guest Opportunities

As a side note, we’re building up a couple of great